Globalising Quality
AvanthiaWines is a modern, dynamic and innovative venture leading the way in promoting high quality European wines.
Our company supplies wine to emerging international markets, promoting the consumption of high quality products. We are present in Latin America, Africa, Russia and Asian markets, providing new-comers with the opportunity to enjoy high quality wines from the finest Spanish wineries.
Putting wine culture on the map
AvanthiaWines is an ambitious project set up by young entrepreneurs in order to encourage the spread of high-quality products.
With business acumen and a long-standing experience in the distribution and sale of Spanish wine, the new generations have decided to strike out in search of new markets. Honest, forward-looking, hard-working and professional: these are the values we stand for in a world in need of initiative and determination. In an on-going process of development, AvanthiaWines is reaching out to new markets, continuing the Spanish tradition of international and overseas trade.
Experience and Tradition
With its time-honoured tradition as a wine-producing country, Spain has more acres of vineyards than anywhere else in the world.
This rich history, stretching back over more than three thousand of years, has given rise to what has now become a key sector of the economy, as well and an important part of Spanish culture. As the second largest wine exporter, Spanish wine is increasingly appreciated in countries without a wine-drinking tradition. This age-old experience of wine growing and production means that Spanish wines are now ranked among the world's finest.
Innovation and Quality
The Spanish wine producing sector has undergone a process of modernisation in order to bring it up to date with today’s needs, transforming the image and quality of Spanish wines.
Over recent years, Spanish wineries have invested in innovation and development, readapting their equipment and applying new technologies. By bringing together tradition and innovation, the professionalism of the new generation of Spanish wine tasters has helped create unique blends of the highest quality which are taking the world by storm.